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Industrial packaging

The Viplastic industrial packaging includes a wide range of polyethylene packaging. The advantages are many: ease of use, endless possibilities of processing and low cost. The most suitable industrial packaging must necessarily be chosen with care, depending on the characteristics necessary to protect specific content. This is why the Viplastic professional packaging solutions are many. Our industrial packaging line ranges from classic shrink film to shrink tubolar for automatic hooders , from antistatico top film to bags and from hoods to sheets, to ensure as much of possible packaging options.

Shrink film

Polyethylene shrink film to pack the goods.

Shrink tubular for automatic hooders

Shrink tubular characterized by gusseted tubular suitable for external storage.

Antistatic top film

Antistatic film used to cover the top of the pallet with automatic machine.


Varying size and thickness, the Viplastic bags are an easy and quick packaging.


Polyethylene hoods to cover pallets. A simple and effective protection against dust, dirt and moisture.


Extremely versatile and easy to use polyethylene sheets. They guarantee pallets protection.