Protect your products is our business.



The variety of packaging film products from Viplastic is extremely wide and customizable, from films to pack goods to stretch hood, from shrink film to cover hoods, from flame retardant films to biodegradable mulch films. The variations are endless and made to meet various needs: from automotive to construction, from industrial packaging to converters. The high level of product customization is Viplastic strength. This is made possible by highly competent staff, advanced machinery and corporate transparency.

Industrial Packaging

Viplastic produces a wide range of products for industrial packaging. Discover all films to package and protect your goods.


Form, Fill, Seal. Give form, fill and seal. Viplastic films and tubular ensure excellent soldering in all conditions, ensuring sealing, stability and security.

Stretch Hood

Elastic, resistant, anti-punching, the Viplastic elastic tubular is perfect for those who need to have stable and tight pallets.

Technical and High Tech films

Viplastic also produces a wide range of high technology products for specific needs: flame retardant, anticorrosive, biodegradable and films used as substrates for a variety of technical applications with corona treatment.